Access recording

Readers and terminals are used for recording access. Employers can determine their own types of access. Five access types are preset in the system – In, Out, Break, Doctor and Business Leave.


Hardware Readers

User identification is done via attendance terminals and sensors. If the company wants to use hardware readers, it is necessary to enroll authentication data. The admin will guide you through authentication process. Access is done by face recognition, fingerprint, reading the chip card or entering a PIN code. Most of the readers connect entry (record) with a photo, which in addition to re-verifying access also helps to create a variety of reports.


Virtual Terminals

There are two types of virtual terminals – public and internal. Public virtual terminal is accessible from the web page, internal virtual terminal can be found in the heading when logged in. It is possible, you are allowed to use virtual terminals only on approved devices. Do not hesitate and ask your admin for permission.



In the virtual terminals, you can enter access after login.


Mobile Apps

Mobile app SYSDO is another way, how you can enter you access. You can also display presence overview and assigned work shift.

[appbox googleplay]


lightbulb-iconThe system can intelligently distinguish access types according to the work shift. In case you are marked as absent, the access is determined as arrival (In). If you are leaving when the break is set in your work shift, the access is recognized as Break. When you have approved request to go to the doctor’s, the system establishes access as Doctor.

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