The SYSDO monitors work shifts, if at specific time user did not log the appropriate event (access) or recorded the event outside of the plan (adjustable time […]


The user can communicate through requests with the administrator or attendance manager. There are two types of the requests – attendance requests or request related to the […]


Currently, it is possible to generate 5 types of reports. For each report, you can select the month and the user. Reports will appear on […]


On the page Companies, there are basic information about your company or companies. Exact numbers of users and readers, information about the license. In the settings, you […]

Access Types

Each access types are recorded by hardware readers, alternatively virtual or mobile terminals. These records can be found in the access overviews. There are preset 5 access types ­- […]


Zones will help you with readers administration. For each reader you can see, where is its location. You can use this sorting for filtering in the access […]