The user can communicate through requests with the administrator or attendance manager. There are two types of the requests – attendance requests or request related to the virtual terminal.

In case of virtual terminal, you are requesting access to the internal or public virtual terminal from a particular device.

If you need to go to the doctor’s, you are sick or you want holiday or other leave, there is nothing simpler than clicking on New request button (zadost) on page Plan, select the Plan type and the time interval. Where applicable leave a note. By pressing Save button you will send this request to the attendance manager.

You can also ask for adding the work, overtime or compensation.

The attendance manager or the administrator handles the requests on page Requests, there is an overview of the submitted requests. For each new request, the admin is notified by e­mail, each request can be approved or rejected, or you can add a note or comment.


Plan types:

  • fixed work
  • flexible work
  • overtime
  • flexible overtime
  • fixed compensation
  • flexible compensation
  • doctor
  • sickness
  • business leave
  • vacation
  • paid leave
  • unpaid leave
  • family member care
  • private leave
  • parental leave
  • maternity leave

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